Reporting caste-based discrimination

Sunita Jatav fed a leftover roti to a wandering dog, the dog’s owner saw her feeding it and “excommunicated” the creature. Why? Because he belonged to a higher caste and Sunita was an out-caste, i.e. lower than the lowest caste in Indian society.

A meeting of the village elders was called, who decided that Sunita was not only to adopt the dog, but also pay a fine of Rs. 15,000 to the owner. Thankfully, Sunita refused to pay and tried to file a report at the nearest police station.

The Times of India carried this story with a lot of sympathy for, the animal. The poor animal was “accustomed to the creature comforts” of its “influential” home. The poor thing was now ex-communicated and its “life couldn’t get worse”.

By Suchandana Gupta

BHOPAL: A dog’s life couldn’t get worse. A mongrel brought up in an upper caste home in Morena was kicked out after the Rajput family members discovered that their Sheru had eaten a roti from a dalit woman and was now an “untouchable”. Next, Sheru was tied to a pole in the village’s dalit locality. His controversial case is now pending with the district collector, the state police and the Scheduled Caste Atrocities police station in Morena district of north MP.

The black cur, of no particular pedigree, was accustomed to the creature comforts in the home of its influential Rajput owners in Manikpur village in Morena.

Read the rest here.

It’s interesting to note how much and what kind of attention is devoted to the dog and to Sunita.

The story wasn’t reported in The Hindu. But the Pakistani newspaper Dawn, carried a lengthy article by its India correspondent, titled How people like Sunita Jatav make India beautiful.

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